Year 2 CERES Excursion

On Tuesday 2nd May, the Year 2s attended Ceres for a day of activities ‘Towards Zero Waste’. The learners started off the day with a long bus ride. At CERES we learnt a dance to help us remember the 6Rs; rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot.

The students then participated in three rotations: paper making, Merri Merri creek and a compost session. During the paper making session learners made their own paper out of shredded scrap paper. They used a frame and deckle to turn the pulp (shredded paper in water) into a piece of paper. They have bought these home to dry for a little longer in the classroom before they use it - feel free to come and see! Along the Merri Merri creek we learnt about the history of the factory and the litter that they threw into the creek (whole cars!) and saw the litter trap built by a local resident. In the compost rotation, learners explored the area to play compost bingo, discussed the purpose of compost bins and held a worm in their hand! The learners had a fantastic day and are looking forward to connecting it all to their Inquiry learning this term.



The worms were my favourite because they were so wriggly. I learnt that worm pee can feed the plants. - Aiyana (2A)

I liked touching the worms. I learnt their poop is dirt. Riddota (2A)

I learnt how to make paper. - Nivaishna (2A)

My favourite thing was the wiggle worms! Did you know both a man and a woman worm can have a baby? - Nethmi (2B)

We learnt that Merri Merri creek means rocky rocky. - Hasan (2C)

We made paper today. At school, we can reuse paper by using the other side of it to not waste paper. It is because we have to cut down trees to make paper! - Krisha (2D)

I learnt that I can make paper out of scrap pieces of paper and water. - Zaidan (2D)

Works do not like orange peels and you can make paper in a different way that means we don’t need to cut any more tree down. - Shanaya (2E)

I learned about how nature is important to care for. I also learned that we can use old paper we don’t use and turn it into new paper instead of throwing old paper away. - Jayrene (2E)

I learned that you can have an impact on the environment by putting less rubbish into landfill. As well as putting fruits and vegetables in containers instead of packets. - Aneel (2E)



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