Year 1 Excursion - Chesterfield Farm

To support our Term Two Inquiry learning, Level One learners embarked on an adventure to Chesterfield Farm on Tuesday 9th May.

The rain didn’t deter a day full of fun activities and rich learning. We fed animals, milked a cow, watched a sheepdog show, rode on a tractor and cuddled the baby animals in the nursery. The diverse range of experiences helped us to understand that different animals have different needs to survive. This has supported our thinking in preparation for our diverse range of class pets that are arriving next week! We can’t wait to transfer our learning from today’s excursion by looking after our pets.


“A hen is a female and a rooster is male. Hens lay eggs!” – Agam, 1A

“I love that I got to see animals I have never seen before, like pigs.”- Cooper, 1E

“I learnt how to feed goats. You need to lay your hand flat.”- Kiara, 1B

“What shelter do goats need?” Sarayu in 1A learnt that they like sheds or shade.

“It was so funny when I touched the baby lamb. The mummy kept following me.”- Omar, 1B

“I’ve learnt how to milk cow and pat the baby animals.” – Keonna, 1C

“I’ve learnt what pigs eat vegetables and don’t eat meat.” – Ayyub, 1C



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