Year 3 Excursion - Melbourne Museum

On Thursday 11th May, the level 3 students embarked on a journey into Australia’s past present and future.

Their museum visit was a wonderful summery of Term 1’s inquiry unit, as they explored how Australia has changed over time and deepened their knowledge of the First Nations culture, their connection to country and their innovative use of the environment around them. As the students continued to investigate the Forest Gallery and Milarri Garden exhibitions, they drew connections to our Term 2 inquiry question and how the flora and fauna they saw were dependent on one another. We can't wait to continue our exploration of our inquiry topic and make deeper links to what we saw today! 


Ayaan 3B - When we were in the first we saw animals that were dependent on the climate and enrichment, like the bird who was making a nest, it was its habitat. 

Eva 3C - went in the dining room being Eva, came out being British!

Ivan 3C - Bunjil the Eagle is beautiful. It’s so colourful! It’s like a movie. I want to eat popcorn.

Aibel 3C - When I look at the sign, it says this plant is a red gum and when I touch it, it is smooth and light green, so I’m looking at the colours to figure out what type of gum tree I can see.

Mohammed 3E - Our money is dependent on those animals still being alive and representing Australia

Vivaan P 3E- Indigenous people are dependent on the land and the land is dependent on the climate

Akshara 3D - “All the living things we have seen are so beautiful. We have so many native plants.”




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