VSSS 2023 Mass Dance Ensemble - Rehearsal #2

On May 16th, our dynamic group of Mass Dancers from Level Five and Six took part in their second intense Local Hub rehearsal at Mont Albert Primary School. We

We collaborated with four other schools from East-Melbourne and learned almost all of the remaining choreography of the many different dance routines in the preparation for the annual Victorian State School Spectacular (September 9th). 



Music pumping, limbs and hair flying about, big smiles and tired muscles were the evidence of resilient and persistent training today. Our learners have shown a great deal of enthusiasm and commitment over the last few months as professional performers in a massive stage production. They have been faultless, just so impressive as role models for their school, showing wonderful attention-to-detail and focus during the demanding rehearsal process. Their respectful interactions with the dance community present have also been a highlight. 

We look forward to sharing further updates in our June 13th rehearsal. Until then, please see some of our reflections:

"Dancing as a group and a team made me feel like I'm part of a dancing family." - Senuli 6B

"I really loved the rehearsal and how everyone is in sync." - Lilia 6A

"We had lots of fun. I'm so tired, then I remember, a spectacular mind is a dancing mind." - Swanya 5E

"Dion, the choreographer, was ready to pack up and leave at the start of the day when he realised how far ahead the group had prepared!" - Mr Clark



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