GWPS Positive Transition Project

On Friday 5th of November the Student Voice Junior School Council lead a free dress day to create a shared experience across our school. 
As part of our positive transition project we held a school-wide picnic.

Seated in year levels areas, learners and staff reconnected with their peers, and enjoyed the company of their learning community. The buzz was evident as laughter and conversation could be heard across the school. The focus of conversation was "What's most important to you right now?" which prompted conversation and connectedness with other peers. 


"Communication was most important for me - just hearing other people's voices was enjoyable." Thinuli 


"Talking to my friends in the sunny weather was something I shared that was important to me" Ranuga


"I shared that Diwali was important to me because it's a time to have fun with friends and family, like the picnic." Maahi


"I shared that my feelings during lockdown were important, so that's something I shared." Aditi


"I shared that seeing my friends face to face was really important because we were apart for so long. " Jannat 


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