Year 4 Camp - Cave Hill Creek

On Wednesday 20th July, our Year 4 learners headed off for Camp to Cave Hill Creek, and what an amazing time they all had! Our learner’s have grown in their independence, resilience, and their emotional intelligence.  

Students had an amazing experience as they were able to complete a number of really fun and challenging activities such as canoeing, rock climbing (bouldering), archery, bush cooking (making damper), bush walking, bush art and map reading. 



Overall it was a very successful camp that was enjoyed by everyone.


Below are comments from the children:

Milan: I have really enjoyed this year’s camp because I have been able to experience different activities however I have also learnt a great deal about how to look after myself. For example I have developed my independence skills by being responsible for doing things by myself such as changing my clothes, making sure none of my items get lost and also looking after myself. The camp has also made it possible for me to develop my confidence to complete challenging activities and if I happen to get lost I also know where to go and what to do. I really recommend the camp for other kids not only because you get to do so many amazing activities but you also get to develop your confidence, resilience, getting along and independence skills!

Vinudi: At Cave Hill Creek we all sleep in bunks. In my room there were 4 bunk beds and one extra bed. We have to bring our own pillow case but pillows are provided. At night it is important that we all sleep rather than talk or else we will be very tired the next day.

In our cabins we have to make sure we keep it neat and tidy, also keep our suitcases organised and make sure we don’t touch other people’s suitcases. When we show the school values or the YCDI Key to Success we get cabin points and we also have names for our cabins too. We use the cabins to get dressed and changed some cabins have showers in them and some you have to use the toilets and showers near your cabin.

This year was really fun and I hope next year’s Year 4’s also have fun like us!



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