Level Two - Aboriginal For A Day Incursion

On Wednesday 18th March 2020, Level Two had their Aboriginal for a Day Incursion. Big Al and Aslan from Cultural Infusion guided our learners through the different facets of Indigenous culture, including art, dancing, history and story-telling.

It was wonderful to see our learners so engaged and making strong connections with Aboriginal culture. We engaged in some great experiences, including learning that ‘didgeridoo’ actually means ‘fish festival’, and that the Aboriginal instrument is called a ‘Yidaki’ which means ‘noisy stick’.

We also learned that there are 324 different Aboriginal tribes and languages. The word ‘Wurundjeri’ has a much deeper meaning to us now with our new knowledge and understandings. 

“I connected parts of my culture to Aboriginal culture – we also do story-telling and dancing”– Dusmika

“I like that we looked at Aboriginal culture because I’m interconnected with Australia more now.” – Yuvi


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