GWPS A Million Minutes of Movement Challenge

Welcome the GWPS A Million Minutes of Movement Challenge! Choose your moves and record how long you worked out for; we need everyone to help us reach the one-million-minute target by Friday 17th September.

With Lockdown 6.0 being extended we are continuing to spend more and more time at home with remote learning, watching television, playing video games, reading and sleeping. If it was holiday time, we would say, enjoy, relax, chill out with some friends but it’s not, it is the middle of term, and we need to stay energised.

Research tells us that exercise releases endorphins, which makes us feel positive, puts a smile on our face, increases our appetite and improves brain function.

In the words of Tich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Monk, “When it comes to health and well-being, regular exercise is about as close to a magic potion as you can get.”

So, we have just the thing to get you all moving – a million minutes of movement challenge! We want students and all members of your family to get off the couch and away from the desk and exercise.

Use this QR code and submit your movement minutes on the google form daily.  


You can choose to move anyway you like, just record it! Dancing is popular and there are lots of videos available on You Tube, if walking is more interesting, do a couple of laps around the block, those with bikes and trails nearby might prefer to ride. Yoga or Pilates is popular, or perhaps you have created a home circuit or an Australian Ninja Warrior course.

Spot prizes will be announced weekly, so don’t forget to record you name, your class and your exercise minutes on the Google Form.

We encourage everyone to keep on moving. Here is a summary of how we are tracking to our goal. 

Congratulations to the following children who have won Spot Prizes in our Million Minutes of Movement, these children will receive book prizes when we return to school.  

Week 6 - Jamie Prep D, Sakthi 1B, Akeesha 2A,  Devhan 3C, Nevon 4A, Ben 5C, Hannah 6B

Week 5 - Nethanya Prep A , Abiru 1C, Stuti 2C, Hirun 3B, Seyara 4A, Thimath 5B, Amali 6B

Week 4 - Siddharth Prep E, Khwaeesha 1E, Himansh 2C, Zarah 3E, Atiksh 4C, Raywinn 5B, Methuka 6A

Week 3 - Anuki Prep D, Rudra 1D, Tharun 2B, Jonanthan 3D, Aleesha 4D, Nimmer 5A, Sureja 6A

Week 2 - Isha Prep E,  Tiana 1B,  Janiru 2A,  Hansiga 3C,  Elisha 4C,  Kiara 5A,  Saseni 6B

Week 1 - Aiyana Prep A, Grace 1E, Akaine 2D, Vinara 3E, Harish 4B, Archis 5E, Isaac 6A.


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