Year 1 CERES Excursion

On Tuesday 31st May, the Year One learners spent an insightful day at CERES Environmental Community Park.

The Year Ones deepened their understanding of living and nonliving things within our environment though an investigation that explored how one small habitat can be home to many different living and non living things. They developed their understanding of biodiversity and the importance of biodiversity on our world and the impact of one slight change. They were able to apply their prior knowledge of this term’s guiding questions of ‘How are living things impacted by our choices?’, by acting out the impact of humans on animals over time to their habitats and how humans have made it harder and harder for them to get the things they need to survive.

Throughout all the learning opportunities the students also got to explore the vast park and wonderful surrounding of CERES. Many students enjoyed meeting the chickens and seeing the large veggies patches. While lunch was an exciting chance to play on the new Terra Wonder Adventure Playground which was created from all recycled parts. Many students ended the day by looking at what little things we can do to look after our environment. We created Insect Hotels which is a safe haven for a variety of small animals to protect themselves and we placed some throughout the school in the garden beds. Overall, an exciting and wonderful learning adventure for all.


Nathan- I enjoyed making the insect hotels and searching for things different insects would like.

Senoli- humans have impacted the environment a lot, roads are a big impacted on animals homes.

Sineysha – “Worms and insects are part of the chicken’s diet.”

Chloe – “I am making a hotel for the caterpillar. It has leaves, rocks and sand.”

Ethan –“Biodiversity means a variety of living things.”




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