Guiding Statements


We the children of Glen Waverley Primary School

care for others and respect their views.

We make the most of every day

and work hard to ensure our future.

We are aware of our environment

and the need to protect it.

We take pride in our School, families and ourselves.




Glen Waverley Primary School (GWPS) is a proud Victorian Government school and an Accredited Member of the Council of International Schools (CIS).  The CIS recognises schools throughout the world for their high professional standards, commitment to improvement and curriculum that incorporates global perspectives.  Being a member of the CIS provides GWPS with a framework in which we can drive internal improvement within our school through a cyclical self-study review process.


The high standards to which our school measures itself against are outlined in the GWPS Guiding Statements.   The Guiding Statements are a ‘living and breathing’ document, defining the purpose and direction of our school and are used to guide our decision making at all levels. They are displayed visibly across the school, including the staff room, classrooms and meeting rooms.


Included within our Guiding Statements, are the GWPS Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values, Philosophy, Global Citizenship statement, Motto and definition of Intercultural learning.  Our school Philosophy is:

  1. The students are at the centre of everything we do.
  2. Building staff capacity is paramount.
  3. Everything we do is based on research and a whole school approach.

The Philosophy has existed within our school for over 10 years and is still underpins every action the school takes in moving forward.  Each of the three points embedded within the Philosophy are closely linked and have built a culture where student centred learning, staff development and consistent teaching practice across the school is valued and enacted each day.


The GWPS School Values of Respect, Integrity, Initiative and Global Empathy are embedded into our school through our approach to curriculum and the interactions with the members of our community.  We value the role that our school plays within the community and understand the importance connecting with our staff, students, alumni and parents in a deep and meaningful way, ensuring every stakeholder within our school feels a sense of value and belonging.


Through deliberate and congruent words and actions, GWPS embodies every aspect of our Guiding Statements, inclusive of or Philosophy and Values.  By doing so, we ensure we remain a pillar of the local community, a high performing school and an example of the excellent standards that can be attained by Victorian Government schools.  



Guiding Statements Flyer


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