Art Innovation

Educational Intent:

Advanced Art classes aim to reward, challenge and extend artistic skills and knowledge with a selection of students who have demonstrated a strong interest in the Visual Arts. The precise skill set is determined by the project(s) designed to suit the learning needs of the specific student cohort. AusVELS standards Exploring and Responding (3-6), and Creating and Making (F-6) are targeted. Essentially, Advanced Art classes aim to further advance students’ artistic learning beyond their regular Art Class practice.

Apart from the students who are directly involved, Advanced Art classes also aim to inspire all GWPS students towards artistic excellence through the display of the artworks created.

Age Group:

Advanced Art is made available to all year levels. This is managed by rostering different age groups during each Term. Each year level has approximately 10 students participate in Advanced Art Classes for one term.

In 2019 the year levels have been scheduled as follows:-

Term One   -   Years 3 & 4

Term Two   -   Years 5 & 6

Term Three – Prep

Term Four – Years 1 & 2

Selection Process:

Students are informed within the first week of term of the learning focus for the Art Innovation program. Students then have the option of taking an application form. Once the application forms are returned the following process is undertaken by the Art Innovation teacher.

1 – Ensure all students are eligible (students who participated in the previous year are not eligible).

2 – Files names of all students who have applied

3 – Select students based on:

  • Strength of Application
  • Previous years Visual Art marks
  • Students who applied unsuccessfully the previous year are given extra weight
  • At least one student from each class is selected
  • The assurance that regular learning will not be adversely affected and if there are any particular students that the classroom teachers feels would significantly benefit from Art Innovation classes.

4 – Once selected, successful students are then notified.


Cost: There is no cost for students.


Contact Person: Miss Cherie Peele. Visual Art Teacher


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