Senior Choir

Educational Intent

Senior Choir provides students will an opportunity to develop their ability to sing in tune and learn part work. Students will learn basic vocal technique and improve their understanding of how to work in an ensemble, following a conductor. Senior Choir also enables students to develop their aural skills and theory knowledge by learning scales and intervals using ‘SOLFA’. Students will also gain a deeper understanding of reading music, following a score and using the Elements of Music to create interest for performances. Through participation in the Senior Choir, students will be provided with opportunities to demonstrate their learning at school assemblies, school events and selected events in the wider community.


Age Group

Students in Year 5 & 6 are welcome to join.


Selection Criteria

There are no prerequisites for joining Senior Choir, anyone from Years 5 & 6 are welcome to join.



Rehearsals are held every Friday, Session 5 between 2.30pm-3.30pm. 


Contact:  Ms Nadia Cecconello - Music Teacher


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