Multimedia Program

GWPS – Extra Curriculum Program Guidelines

Multimedia Program


Educational Intent:

The Multimedia Program is designed to closely match specific content that will be covered during the Term within the student’s usual classroom program. It supports and extends student learning, by utilising a wide range of technologies to organise and share learning in a rich, meaningful way.  All lessons are timetabled within the regular school timetable (not before or after school).



There is no cost to the students for this program.


Age Group/Schedule:

The program is offered to all year levels within the school terms outlined below:-

Term 1:           Years 5 & 6

Term 2:           Years 3 & 4

Term 3:           Years 1 & 2

Term 4:           Prep


Selection Criteria:

There are limited places in this program and students are invited to a meeting during the first week of term (as outlined above), where the application process will be explained to them. Applications are then open to all students within the given Year Level range, and are due to be returned on the Friday of that same week.

  • Student selection is based on the strength of their application
  • Student capacity will be confirmed with their classroom teacher to ensure that they will not be disadvantaged by being removed from their regular classroom program when participating in Multimedia Sessions.
  • Focus will be given to offering a range of students an opportunity to participate, so students who were part of the program in the previous year may not be offered a place in a subsequent (second) year.

Contact Person:

Elisha Park is responsible for the Multimedia Program and can be contacted at the school.