Writers Club

Educational Intent:

This Extra Curricular program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to write creatively in a collaborative setting. During this time, students can apply knowledge and skills learnt in class. Moreover, the program supports the development of students’ writing skills and may be used to consolidate existing understandings of writing, or extend their passion for writing, by focusing on aspects explored in the whole school approach towards writing, otherwise known as VOICES.





E-Excellent Word Choice

S-Sentence Fluency

The program focuses on students’ capacity to create texts that show understanding of the connections between writing, speech and images. The length of the writing piece depends upon the individual student’s goals.

It is intended that this program fosters a love of writing and as such, students are encouraged to write texts for a range of purposes suited to their individual desire to write. This may involve short texts, a few connected sentences or a longer story. The role of the Writers’ Club leader/s is to organise and supervise attending students.


Age Group:

The Writers’ Club is offered to students in Years Prep to 6.



There are no costs associated with being involved in the Writers’ Club. As the program is conducted within the school grounds, students are provided with the relevant resources available in the school. These include - writing paper, pencils, picture stimulus, writing boards and class folders that organise students writing according to their year level.


Selection Criteria:

The Writers’ Club is available to all students and there is no selection criteria involved. Any students who are interested in participating in the program are welcome to join. Upon students’ initial arrival to the club, they must sign in. This informs Club Leaders of the students participating.



The Writers’ Club will begin in the third week of Term One and will run until the end of the Term 4. The sessions are held every Wednesday at lunch time from 1:45pm – 2:15pm. Any correspondence associated with the program will be sent out accordingly. 


Location: LOTE room in the ELC (all students)



Staff contacts: Emma Williams and Christine Marescaux


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