Multimedia Concert/Graduation Group

GWPS – Extra Curriculum Program Guidelines

Graduation/Concert Multimedia Group


Educational Intent:

This program is designed to maximise additional learning opportunities as students prepare for the Year 6 graduation and the Glen Waverley Primary School Concert. The program will focus on working with the medium of film and will encompass elements from the following curriculum areas:-

  • Design, Creativity and Technology  as outlined in AusVELS
  • Presentation Skills
  • The development of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) skills
  • Writing and Communication skills as outlined in AusVELS, through the development of content.

Students will be working collaboratively to create two films. The first will be part of our school concert and the second will be shown at the Year 6 Graduation as a reflection on their Primary Education at Glen Waverley Primary School.



There is no cost to the students for this program.


Selection Criteria:

This program is available to Years 5 and 6 students only. In the event that application numbers meet, but do not exceed, the maximum class size of 12, all applications will be accepted. If there are more than 12 students interested in the program then a fair and equitable selection process will be followed. In this case, students will be invited to prepare an application that indicates their interest in the program.

  • Student selection is based on the strength of their application
  • Student capacity will be confirmed with their classroom teacher to ensure that they will not be disadvantaged by being removed from their regular classroom program when participating in Multimedia Sessions.
  • Focus will be given to offering a range of students an opportunity to participate, so students who were part of the program in the previous year may not be offered a place in a subsequent (second) year.

Contact Person:

Roland Lewis is responsible for the Multimedia Program and can be contacted at the school.