Health Centre

Kate Wright, a former paramedic, is in attendance from 10.30 am until 3.00pm each school day and she :-

  • provides first aid to students and staff
  • liaises with teachers and support staff on student health
  • manages asthma and health plans for students
  • distributes medication to children requiring regular medication
  • monitors and reports on health alerts in the community

To help us in providing a safe environment for your child and making sure that their well being is assured, we need to make sure that your child’s medical concerns are up to date.  This includes parents supplying us with new medical management plans for their child where applicable.  Medical management plans are to be reviewed, completed and returned to school on an annual basis.

To assist in this, we have provided medical plan proforma templates below to be completed by your medical practitioner and handed to the office.


GWPS Medication Authority Form

Asthma Action Plan

Asthma Management Plan

ASCIA Allergic Reaction Plan

ASCIA Anaphylaxis Plan
Epilepsy Management Plan

Diabetes Action Plan - Twice Daily Injections
Diabetes Action Plan- Insulin Pump

Diabetes Action Plan - Multiple Daily Injections