GWPS – Extra Curriculum Program Guidelines


Educational Intent:


GlenTV is designed to link to learning undertaken during the Term within the student’s usual classroom program. It will support and extend student learning across a number of curriculum areas, building on their speaking and listening skills, writing and communication skills, and digital technology capabilities. All lessons are timetabled within the regular school timetable.




What is GlenTV?


TV is one of the key mediums that has dominated media consumption in recent years – and the idea of ‘watching the nightly news’ is a routine undertaken by many! GlenTV teaches students how to be an effective TV news journalist – producing stories in the ilk of those seen on BTN (Behind the News). Those involved in the program will learn how to research, plan, script, record, and edit school and community-based news stories to be broadcast to the entire school. They will hone their skills in identifying what is newsworthy, understand the role that copyright and ethics play in TV production, and how to effectively film and edit footage.


Who Can Join?


Term One: Year 4, 5 & 6 students.


Term Three: Year 4, 5 & 6 students.


Term Four: Year 2 & 3 students.


To apply for GlenTV, students respond to an online application form that outlines their reasons for wanting to join, the skills they wish to build on through their participation in the program, and any previous experience they may have had in broadcasting. The application form is found at the following link: GlenTV Application Form


Contact Person:


Samuel Laffy is responsible for the Multimedia & Digital Technology Program.