Performing Arts

Performing Arts classes allow students at Glen Waverley Primary School to experiment and immerse themselves in the world of entertaining. It is broken up into two aspects: Drama and Dance. A Performing Arts program assists with classroom learning to further develop critical thinking, imagination, reasoning and problem solving.


Students are immersed in the world of performing and acting and are introduced to the purpose of performing - to entertain, to persuade or to tell a message or a story. At GWPS, we are lucky enough to have a dedicated Performing Arts classroom in which we have the room to explore, move and interact freely.

In order to explore these understandings, we focus on skills such as facial expression, body language, movement, exaggeration, voice variation, interaction with others, roles and characters, improvisation and interpretations of known texts or personal experiences



During dance sessions, students explore dance and movement in many different ways. In the early years, students explore how to express their emotions through movement. We sing songs with actions and learn choreographed dances, focusing on teamwork and collaboration. The students are also given the opportunity to choreograph and make up their own dances. We analyse dance, discussing why people dance, its connection to identity and culture, the elements of dance and the correlation between acting and dance and looking at the elements of dance.


In the upper years, students analyse dance, finding connections between dance and drama as well as discussing how we can communicate through movement. They rehearse and create choreographed dances, demonstrating coordination, technical skills, collaboration and transfer of meaning to the audience. Performing is such an excellent way to increase self-confidence and allows our students to express themselves and demonstrate empathy towards others.


As per the Music program, the students in Years 5 and 6 are offered the opportunity to partake in the Victorian State School Spectacular and perform as part of the Mass Dance group.



Every second year, the school community unites to celebrate The Arts and to exhibit our skills in a Production Spectacular. The students feel excitement and pride to showcase their talents to their parents, carers and peers. The School Production is an event the learners are likely to discuss for years to come!



Each year Glen Waverley Primary School is lucky to be involved in the Victorian State Schools Spectacular. We audition to select a group of 16 Year 5 and 6 dancers and 20 Year 3 and 4 singers each year, to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  This amazing program provides an invaluable opportunity for students and schools to unite and showcase all aspects of Performing Arts to the highest standard. Mass Choirs and Mass Dance groups are formed from hundreds of schools from across the state and are trained by some of the most well-renowned choreographers and choir leaders in Australia. This is an experience to be remembered for life!


Click here to watch the VSSS 2022 video. 



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