The watching of ‘nightly news’ is a routine undertaken by many, and TV dominates media consumption. GlenTV allows learners to script, record, and edit school and community-based news stories; honing their broadcast skills, and opening up opportunities for transfer of literacy skills to exciting new contexts.

“GlenTV is a fun way to learn. Writing scripts make you learn how to make a good sentence flow, and presenting on camera makes you feel confident.” – Tiffany, Year 6. 

 “GlenTV is fun because we get to use our creativity to make a short film, we get experience using different camera angles, writing scripts, and building our editing skills.” – Jayda, Year 6.  


The creation of podcasting in 2004 enable people access to a plethora of ‘portable’ audio experiences. Students have the chance to enter this ‘world’ through the Podcasting program, learning the ‘ins and outs’ of audio broadcasting, enhancing voice control techniques, and building sound production technical capabilities.

“The best parts of Podcasting are working together with someone, interviewing students and teachers, learning how to use the multimedia equipment, and creating our very own podcast!” – Sayuni, Year 6. 

Radio Committee

As DJ’s for GWPS FM, the Radio Committee script and deliver daily live broadcasts, as well as crafting shows that link to cultural, community, and school events. Building an authentic audience through the creation of engaging radio content, learners also hone communication skills they can apply to future learning.

“Radio Committee builds creativity and confidence in a fun and inventive way – we go live on our radio mixing desk and we create unique segments and scripts!” – Caitlyn, Year 6. 

“We get to share our thoughts and learnings to the school. I like how we don’t only learn about radio-related things, but we also learn about things around the world whilst scripting.” – Grace, Year 6

GWPS Newspaper

An innovation program encapsulating the Print & Online Journalism process, learners apply knowledge of the features of print media to report on school and community-based events. Exploring issues affecting journalism in the 21st century, learners also have the opportunity to transfer existing literacy skills to new contexts.


“The best part of Newspaper is that I became more aware of issues around me (like the environment), and learnt report writing skills!” – Harnoor, Year 6

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