English Innovation

Glen Waverley Primary School is incredibly proud to offer students from Year 2 to 6 the opportunity to participate in the English Innovation program. The purpose of this program is to further enhance and facilitate engaging learning in literacy. Students are provided with rich learning opportunities to apply their creative and critical thinking into real life situations. Where they are encouraged to explore their skills as an author by applying analysation skills while reading mentor texts and utilising VOICES strategies to add depth to their writing. 


English Innovation sessions are offered to the students twice a week, in small groups.  Students are selected to join the program based on a combination of teacher recommendations, student’s interest and previous assessments, which the student needs to achieve well above the expected standard. Students can only participate once a year and the intake for the program is twice a year, beginning of Term 1 and 3.


The impact of our school’s English Innovation program is immense as the children continually develop their skills as an author whilst making connections between their reading and writing skills with what they expect the reader of their text to experience. This is pivotal in the development of their authorship knowledge and ability to connect to “the reader”.


The children are also encouraged to publish their writing which is then housed in the “GWPS

Authors” section of our school library. A highlight of this process is observing the other children in the school read their peers’ writing whilst also developing their literacy skills and knowledge.


Contact: Anat Garzberg-Grant and Belinda Gunstone


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