Traffic and Parking


Brent Street Turning Circle


There is one entry into the school grounds which incorporates a turning circle.  As this entrance can become very congested during the 'drop-off' and 'pick-up' times please take extreme care at these timesIt is requested that you enter the carpark slowly and carefully. The Brent Street 'turning circle' is used for drop-off and pick-up only, where children are ushered into cars by a supervising teacher on duty.  There is no entry to the main carpark from Brent Street. It is a No Standing Anytime zone and we ask you to observe this rule to ensure that congestion is limited and accidents avoided.





Mountain View Hotel Car Park



Please find below important information in regards to parking conditions and use of the Mountain View Hotel Car Park.


As you would be aware, we are incredibly fortunate to have the use of the Mountain View Hotel Car Park and as such it is important that we work with the Mountain View Hotel in order ensure their business is not impacted and the safety of the students and their families.


To ensure better use of this facility the following rules apply to our school community:

  • Entering the car park will be from the driveway closest to Springvale Road
  • Exiting the car park will be from the driveway at the east end of the car park – approximately 100 m further on High Street Road. The white boom gates will be opened from 8:30 am to 9:10am and 3:15 to 3:45pm on school days.
  • Parking –All parents and extended family members are to park in the white lined parking bays only. You will note that there are yellow parking bays close to Springvale Road, these parking bays are for Hotel guests only and not for our school families.
  • Always use the footpaths and supervised pedestrian crossing at the traffic lights when crossing High Street Road.


Below is an image outlining the above:





If you have any queries regarding parking, please do not hesitate to see Mr Catalano at school or contact him on 9802 9938 or at








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