Peer Mediation

Peer Mediation plays a positive role in creating a school environment that is caring, safe and friendly. As a result can contribute to the prevention of various minor issues in the school yard. AT Glen Waverley Primary School the students will be taught how to resolve low-level conflicts between their peers such as younger children not sharing sports equipment or generally making inappropriate choices in the school yard. Mediation opens up communication channels and allows the disagreeing students to discuss their problems with the guidance of mediators, and begin to build healthy connections through coming to an agreed solution.  


Throughout the year, the students will participate in various training workshops, which will cover topics such as the six steps of mediation and how mediation can be used in a variety of low level conflicts between two students through role play.


The Peer Mediation program also enables the Year 6 students the opportunity to lead an important program throughout our school whilst practicing their leadership skills.


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