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Entrepreneurship is more than about making money. It is about skill set and mindset. This course explores these key themes including optimism, growth mindset, failure is Ok, creativity and problem solving. Each week concepts are investigated using practical and inclusive team activities. The social impact venture runs alongside the course each week. 


Entrepreneurship encompasses a number of critical 21st Century Skills. This new program is designed to provide students with the basic skills to turn their ideas into a business. Learn about market research, finances, social enterprise and marketing. 


Program Overview:


Week 1 – The entrepreneur mindset

In this first session we help students understand the mindset and skill set that makes someone entrepreneurial. Ultimately they will develop a definition they can understand


Week 2 – Idea generation

Students will learn ways of developing ideas and building on other people’s contributions. Formal brainstorming techniques are at the centre of this session.


Week 3 – Market research

The main goal for this week is for students to develop their understanding of what a market is and what a business’s target market is.


Week 4 – Design thinking

The overall aim is for students to understand design thinking as an approach to problem solving that focuses on the user. We define the steps in the process as: Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test and Iterate.


Week 5 - Business models

The main goal of this lesson is for students to develop their understanding of business models. Students will be able to:

  • Explain why businesses need a plan in order to be successful
  • Explain the different parts of a business model and how they can affect each other
  • Give specific examples of how a business changes its model to be successful
  • Modify an existing business model
  • Understand different revenue models and how they affect a business model


Week 6 – Revenue models

Students will extend their understanding of business models and be introduced to Revenue Models. The content overlays revenue on top of last week’s session regarding business models.


Week 7 – Pitching and public speaking

Most people have had lots of practice pitching and do not realize it. Kids pitch their parents to get something they want. Teachers pitch the importance of education to their students and so on. In this lesson, students will focus on two of the most important pieces to pitching: persuasion and public speaking skills.


Week 8 – Pitching part II

In this lesson, students will continue to practice and review the elements of excellent persuasive and public speaking.



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