Prep to Year 4

During the first years of learning in primary schools, teachers aim to create a safe and happy environment where students are valued, praised, and encouraged rather than constantly tested.   In Prep to Year 4, students are encouraged to make sense of the world around them through real-life experiences.


Curriculum and assessment

The curriculum for Prep to Year 4 emphasises literacy and numeracy skills.  There are also opportunities for the development of physical, creative and information and communication technology (ICT) skills, as students are encouraged to explore their world.  Good education practice indicates a two-hour daily literacy block and a one-hour daily numeracy block. Individual learning plans are available for students struggling to achieve, and support is offered by school literacy and numeracy coordinators and the Parents as Helpers training program.  Students work with the whole class, but at other times will be grouped for sessions with children who have similar needs. This teaches students to work independently and cooperatively with other children and adults.


Years 5 to 8

This period of schooling, referred to as the middle years, coincides with early adolescence. This is a time when many students are developing rapidly - physically, mentally and emotionally. Schools have strategies in place for Year 5 to Year 8 to ensure students are challenged and their literacy and numeracy skills continue to grow. Middle years programs also support the development of relationships between primary schools and secondary schools, to ease the transition of students between the two. You can prepare for the transition from primary to secondary school by helping your child become increasingly self-reliant while in upper primary school. Slowly increase the child’s responsibility for completing homework and other tasks, caring for their school belongings, and getting to school and classes on time.


graduationTransition from Primary to Secondary School


As part of the transition from Year 6 to Year 7, students in secondary schools participate in an orientation day, often the second Tuesday of December. This may include a school tour, meeting fellow students and teachers, and taking part in special lessons and activities. Check with your local secondary school for details.


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