Term Dates/School Hours


2023 Term Dates

Term Start date Finish date
One 27 January - students start 30 January 6 April
Two 24 April 23 June
Three 10 July 15 September
Four 2 October 20 December


** Prep students commence Tuesday 31st January 2023 **


School commences at 8.50am and concludes at 3.30pm.  Morning recess is from 11.00am to 11.30am and lunch is between the hours of 1.30pm and 2.30pm. Children eat lunch in their Classrooms between 1.30pm and 1.40pm.  Please ensure that your child has a clearly labelled lunch box and drink container.  Drink containers must be unbreakable.  The lunch recess concludes at 2.30pm.


Teachers are on duty in the school grounds from 8.45am and it is appreciated if children do not arrive at school before this time.  It is advisable to have children at school no later than 8.50am to ensure they are adequately prepared for their day.  The bell rings at 8:50 which signifies all classrooms are open and the children (and parents) are able to enter the building. This allows the children 10 minutes in which to put their bag away, change their reader and organise themselves for a 9 o’clock start.



On the last day of each school term a School Assembly is held at 2.00pm followed by dismissal at 2.30pm.  On the last day of the School Year children will be dismissed at 1.30pm following Assembly at 1.00pm.



2023 Curriculum Days





Friday 27th January


Thursday 9th March


Monday 24th April


Friday 11th August 


For Victorian School term dates for 2023 and beyond click here.




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