Preschool Transition

School tours are scheduled each Tuesday at 9:30. To discover more about Glen Waverley Primary please contact us by phoning 03 9802 9938 or send us an email.



Parent Information Evening for 2020 Enrolments

Tuesday 3rd December 2019 - 6:30pm


Transition Sessions Timetable for our 2020 Prep Students
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2020 Prep Transition Program Overview

Beginning School Booklet
2020 Commencement Dates

Prep Transition Sessions commence in Term 3 2019 - from 11:30am to 1:00pm

Session One

Tuesday 17th September

Science/ Literacy: Alfalfa Heads ‘Growing Minds’

Learners: Introduction to the Prep area and create their very own ‘Growing Mind’ whilst designing their ‘Learning Journal’.

Parents: Information session with the Principal Class Team on a successful school transition.


Session Two

Tuesday 15th October

Mathematics/ Art Focus– How tall is my ‘Growing Mind’ plant?

Learners: Will measure the growth of their plant using concrete materials and record their observations in their learning journals.

Parents: Information session for building understanding of Numeracy in the Early Years as well as student wellbeing programs.

- Numeracy in the Early Years Presentation Document


Session Three

Tuesday 29th October

Literacy/ Robotics- Beebots

Learners: Introduction to coding through Beebots in which they will use their mathematical and problem solving skills to investigate a text.

Parents: Information session for building understanding of “Literacy in The Early Years.”

- Literacy Presentation Document


Session Four

Tuesday 12th November

PE, Mandarin & Music in the Prep Classroom

Learners: Mandarin — Learn how to greet people and count to at least five in Mandarin.

PE – Investigation of gross motor movement for different purposes.

Music – Explore how to respond to and recall a Scientific song about plants.

Parents: Information session “First Weeks Of School”, and using Digital Learning.

- First Days at School Presentation Document

- Digital Learning Presentation Document


Session Five

Tuesday 26th November

‘All About Me!’

Learners: Come and meet your classroom teacher. Share all about yourself. Find out about what to expect on your first day at our wonderful school!

Parents: Information session on uniforms, books, and our school nurse. Parents will also meet their child’s classroom teacher.


New Parent Information Evening

Tuesday 3rd December 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Parents/Guardians  - this session is run in the evening for parents who have been unable to attend the five Prep Transition Sessions.

For Government payments you may be eligible for please follow this link.


Most primary schools start taking enrolments in March each year, for the following year. In Victoria, your child must be 5 years of age by 30th April in the year they start school to be eligible for enrolment in a Victorian Government School. Children of less than the minimum age for whom admission is sought may not be admitted without the prior written approval of the Regional Director. Approval for early age entry will only be provided in those exceptional circumstances where the Regional Director has strong grounds for believing that adherence to the entry age policy is likely to result in long term disadvantage for students in their schooling. It should be noted that school readiness is not sufficient grounds to define exceptionality. The responsibility to provide evidence in support of exceptionality rests with the parent / guardian.

Preparing your child for school

Parents often ask the question: ”What can we do to prepare our child for school?”

1. Dress himself/herself
2. Do up zippers and buttons
3. Put on shoes and socks
4. Go to the toilet and wash his/her hands
5. Knows name, address and phone number
6. Knows his/her own school bag (add a personal tag)
7. Knows where his/her play lunch is in the school bag.
8. Knows his/her own clothes which are clearly labelled.
9. Be able to open lunch box and drink bottle.
10. Be able to write his/her name.
11. Be able to use a pair of scissors.
12. Looks after belongings.
13. Know how to bounce a ball and catch it.
14. Be able to run, jump and hop.
15. Be able to count to 10.
16. Be able to tidy up.

It is also important to spend time speaking to your child about what school will be like. Talk to your child about hearing the school bell and knowing where to line up.

Transition Sessions

Transition sessions are offered to help children to grow accustomed to what the classroom and school is like. Teachers show the children around the school and talk to them about where different grades are and where the computer lab, music room, hall, library and art room are. If you are unable to bring your child to transition sessions then try and bring them to a school tour so that they become acquainted with the school and meet the class teacher.

Transition sessions are scheduled for pre schoolers for Terms 3 and 4. Early Years staff have designed sessions of an hour duration to provide pre schoolers with a glimpse of the school environment. Pre schoolers become acquainted with peers and students who already attend Glen Waverley Primary. Pre schoolers’ confidence increases as they begin to make connections with the school they will attend.

Glen Waverley Primary School endeavours to create opportunities to develop each child so that they may reach their potential. By providing a caring, supportive learning environment students feel secure in the knowledge that they are valued. In 2017 there are approximately 850 students attending Glen Waverley Primary School which is a learning oriented school. Glen Waverley Primary constructs educational programs so students achieve the standards expected at different stages of learning. With AusVELS (Australian Victorian Essential Learning Standards) the three strands, Physical, Personal and Social Learning, Discipline – Based Learning and Interdisciplinary Learning are addressed in interrelated ways. The term ‘essential learning’ means developing student capacities so they can:

• Manage themselves as individuals and in relation to others.
• Understand the world in which they live
• Act effectively in that world


A professional team of teachers use innovative and flexible teaching styles to develop student capacities. A pro-active Student Welfare Program supports students and their families. Students are proud of their school and feel good about themselves.




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