Parent Interviews

Parent-teacher interviews are an opportunity for you to meet your child's teacher/s. By asking questions and gathering more detail about the information provided on the student report card, you have an opportunity to become more involved in your child's learning and provide support where needed.   Here are tips for getting the most out of parent-teacher interviews:


Before the interview:


  • revisit the student report card and determine what information you need before the interview to support your child
  • ask your child if there are any areas they would like followed up (for example, where they feel they need extra help or have concerns) and share this information with your child's teacher during the interview
  • write a list of specific questions you wish to ask your child's teacher and take notes during the interview so you can share the comments with your child
  • if you need a translator, arrange this with your school before the interview.


During the interview:

  • if you want to know about a specific area of your child's progress (for example, how they are progressing in English) let your child's teacher know this at the start so you can focus the interview on this topic
  • ask your child's teacher for more detail on what the expectations are in their subject area with regard, for example, to homework and assignments. How much time should they be spending on their homework? Are there any other suggestions or more details about how you can help your child at home?
  • find out more about how your child is participating in classroom activities and whether, for example, there are any general issues with behaviour or discipline that need discussing
  • ask your child's teacher to clarify the extra support or extension activities mentioned in the report.


After the interview:

  • keep in regular contact with the teacher to follow up on a mutually-agreed plan
  • talk with your child about what you have discussed and how you can work together to improve their learning.


You can also request interviews at other times. If you are concerned about your child's progress, discuss these concerns with their teacher. You can contact the school for an appointment and make a mutually convenient time to meet with your child's teacher or year level coordinator.


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