SMART8 Multiple Intelligences Learning

The SMART8 Program is an engaging extra-curricular program which provides learning enrichment opportunities for all students from Year Three to Year Six. The program offers a range of electives that are designed to extend a student’s personal learning, furthering their knowledge and skills in new or existing areas of interest and passion.  

The SMART8 electives are based on Howard Gardiner’s Eight Multiple Intelligences, hence the name of the SMART8 Program. At Glen Waverley Primary School we value personalised learning and actively look at opportunities for students to increase their strengths in each of the eight intelligences: Word, Math/Logic, Picture, Body, Music, Group, Self and Nature Smart.  Over a four year period (from Year Three to Year Six), students should participate in at least one elective from each of the SMART8 Intelligences.


The electives are offered for one hour, between 2:30pm-3:30pm on a Tuesday, totalling ten sessions during Semester Two (spread over two terms). 

SMART8 Program Elective Descriptions
The SMART8 Underpinning Philosophy

Please see Mrs Anat Garzberg-Grant and Mrs Kylie Bailey for further information. 


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