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Year 4 - 6 1:1 iPad Program


Please click on the link above to be taken directly to the 1:1 Program site, which has been produced using the Global2 hosting domain. Global2 is a resource available for students to use and build their own webpages, provided by the Department of Education. 





At Glen Waverley Primary School we are passionate about students being and feeling safe at school. Every class, with their classroom teacher, at the start of the year undertake a Cyber Safety Course


Digital Excellence





Children in todays world are surrounded by technology and use it in every day life, however our aim is for children to create wonderful projects and work using technology.

Glen Waverley Primary School has undertaken this revolutionary Information Technology Program within our school with the aim of creating children that are "Digital Experts" .

Digital Excellence is a program that rewards children for learning new skills both at home and in the classroom. They are awarded with "badges" when they have shown their teacher they are "Digital Experts" in a field, such as Word Processing, Robotics or in Movie Making. Children are encouraged to use IT when ever they can within school, because with IT there is no limit to what they create.
Digital Excellence has been launch at only 120 schools in Victoria, so we feel very privileged that Dr John Ingram has allowed us to use this program. We feel that Digital Excellence is one of the best programs to encourage students to use IT more in the classroom.


Digital Learning in The Foundation Years

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