Reading Recovery

The ability to read and write are some of the most important ‘gifts’ we can give a child. At Glen Waverley Primary School we are very proud of our whole school approach to teaching Reading which is based on the CAFÉ Reading program and our whole school writing program which is based on the 6+1 Traits of Writing, commonly referred to as VOICES at our school. 


However, we also acknowledge that some of our students require additional assistance in developing their literacy skills as a result we offer the Reading Recovery Program. This program is aimed at children in Year One and it involves a daily thirty minute individual reading and writing session in addition to the regular classroom instruction. 


The program is personalised to meet the specific needs of each child and enables the children to become active and independent readers and writers, who are better equiped to participate in the daily literacy learning tasks in their classroom. 


A student participates in the program for twelve to twenty weeks and is supported by their classroom teacher, the Reading Recovery teacher and their family. This joint approach ensures the child makes accelerated progress. A specially trained Reading Recovery experienced teacher implements this program.


We are extremely proud of our school's Reading Recovery program, as it has made a significant difference to the learning journey and future opportunities of so many current and past students.




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