Extra Curricular Programs

During and After School Extra-Curricular Programs


At Glen Waverley Primary School we continue to provide a very comprehensive educational program and experience for all children and their families. We promote the physical and emotional well-being of every child through positive, proactive attitudes within a caring environment and with high expectations of academic excellence. We want all our students to have access to and appreciate the positive effects of participating in extra-curricular activities.


To ensure all learning experiences are of an exceptionally high quality, we work to target specific student cohorts as well as the general student population while balancing teacher to student ratios.

As a result we proudly offer the following internal extra-curricular programs and strongly encourage you to visit each link, under this tab, where you can find important information for each of our programs covering:-

  • Educational Intent
  • Age Group
  • Cost
  • Selection Criteria
  • Scheduling and location details
  • Contact Staff Member  



You can access a comprehensive list of activities offered by external providers, together with their contact details, the day and time of the activity and where it is held, here :-


2019 Term 4 Extra Curricular Programs

We have a new Keyboard teacher who is offering half hour lessons at the school on Monday to Friday from 3:30 - 6:30.
For those families who are interested in enrolling for lessons the teacher's contact details are as follows :-
Tim Barker - barker.l.tim@gmail.com

We have engaged the services of Kids Unlimited to deliver extra-curricular programs at our school for several years now.  They run our Chess, Coding, Science and Electronics Programs. 
Kids Unlimited:-    

2019 Kids Unlimited Term 4


KELLY SPORTS each Term.  You can access their site for registration here :- Kelly Sports Registration



Hot Shots Squads are our most popular program for primary school aged players.

The program runs for 6 weeks per Term, and is available for grades Prep - 4.  Players learn how to rally and score from their first lesson, developing children's skills and confidence!

The 5th Dimension Coaching Team are all Tennis Australia certified.

Learn more and register here