Student Welfare

Our aim at Glen Waverley Primary School is to provide an environment that fosters student confidence, courtesy, friendship and tolerance. To achieve this the student welfare program provides structures that encourage positive attitudes and behaviors. The welfare of all students is of primary importance to all staff at Glen Waverley Primary School.

The student welfare program provides assistance to children who are identified as facing difficulties either at home or at school; academic, emotional, physical or social. With the assistance of our psychologist and speech therapist we work with parents and staff to assess each child in our program as an individual, determine their needs and endeavor to assist them to achieve their potential.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of Glen Waverley Primary School is the way in which each child is treated with care and respect. This forms the basis of all student welfare work in the school.






Kids Hope is a mentoring program that helps Australian children and their families. Through a partnership between local churches and primary schools, KIDS HOPE AUS. works to improve opportunities for mentored children in the areas of education, self confidence and wellbeing.  For one hour each week, a group of caring adults from our local Glen Hill Community Church mentor children at our school. This usually involves helping the child with homework, playing games, arts and crafts, or just spending time together.  Kids Hope focuses on children at primary school because during this phase the children are most likely to benefit from a close relationship with an adult. This is when self-esteem and values are learned and critical academic skills are acquired.  Positive human relationships are essential for children to grow up happy and healthy, yet many Australian children lack significant close relationships with a caring adult, other than their parents.  Children who receive mentoring early on significantly improve their chances for a good education, health and wellbeing, and social competence.


The Parentzone is an organisation that has been in operation for many years in our area and many of our parents have accessed some of the services that they provide.  For more information click here:-  Parentzone





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