Student Leadership

Student Leadership

At Glen Waverley Primary School, student leadership is a valuable opportunity for students to develop their skills in being leaders, organisers and active members of their community. Through the many student leadership roles, students have the opportunity to contribute to decision-making within the school and take on responsibilities for a variety of school activities.


In preparation for Leadership roles students are rostered to be responsible for a variety of tasks around the school. These begin in the lower Year levels with students being responsible monitors for such things as the Office, Library and Lunch Order Tubs.  During Years 3 and 4 students begin to take a more active role by being responsible for the yard duty bags as well as putting out and collecting bins. Years 5 & 6 children take on the responsibilities of the Australian flag, organising the outdoor chess sets and play equipment, sports room monitors, art, music, ICT, library monitors etc.


Guidelines - Applying for Student Leadership Information


Student Leadership Election Timeline 2022


Video by Mr Frank Catalano and the Level 5 Teachers explaining the handbook in further detail


School Captains


Many students strive to become our Year 6 School Captains. It is a highly respected role, that the students take pride in. We appoint a male and female School Captain and a male and female School Vice Captain. The School Captains, thank special guests for coming to our school, run the School Assembly and are active members of the Junior School Council. 

2023 Captains: Amellia and Vivaan

2023 Vice Captains: Dilu and Ranveer







The school captains will work with the Principal, Assistant Principal's and relevant teachers to perform a range of activities which may include:


  • Conducting whole school assembly
  • Representing the school at official functions
  • Speaking at Information nights eg. Prep transition
  • Guiding visitors through the school
  • Writing items for the school Newsletter and local newspapers
  • Attending School Council meetings
  • Visiting preschools
  • Promoting the school and our Guiding Statements



House Captains  


Year 6 students also have the opportunity to be a House Captain for one of the four school Houses - Fawkner, Latrobe, Hume and Mitchell.  There is one female and one male appointed for each house.  The House and School Captains assist in a variety of sporting and organisational activities throughout the school year. Leading their House in the annual Twilight Sports competition is a highlight of their leadership role. House Captains announce progress house points at assemblies.



2023 House Captains 





The House Captains will organise a range of activities with the assistance of the relevant teachers.  Responsibilities may include:


  • Visiting retirement Village
  • Assisting whole school sporting activities eg. cross country, Walk-a-thons etc
  • Collecting House Points
  • Promoting Programs through announcements at Assembly, Newsletters, School website and corridor displays
  • Assisting with Circles program by taking activities
  • Organising lunchtime tournaments (eg. basketball, netball, chess)
  • Seeking assistance from appropriate specialist teachers 
  • Setting up and returning equipment
  • Promoting activities through Assembly, noticeboards
  • Coordinating tournament- draws
  • Assisting HPE teacher with the maintenance of sports equipment (eg. pumping up balls)


We also have a female and male captain for - Environment, Art, Performing Arts, Library, CIS, Languages, Music, Peer Mediation, Science and Digital Learning. 



2023 Student Leadership Team



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