Victorian State Schools Spectacular – Get your tickets!


We are proud and excited to have some of our students participating in the 2015 Victorian State Schools Spectacular: What’s Your Story?

This year’s Spectacular will be held at Hisense Arena on Saturday 12 September, with two shows at 1pm and 6:30pm. Channel 7 will film the three-hour Spectacular for broadcast.

For a fun, family entertainment experience, and to cheer on our students from the audience, be quick to secure discounted tickets.

Talented young circus performers, skaters, musicians, dancers and singers will feature on stage, while many other students will work behind the scenes, gaining unique, on-the-job, professional experience.

This program, run by the Department of Education and Training, helps to develop each student’s performance skills, discipline, perseverance, cooperation and confidence under the training of industry professionals.

Discount Early Bird tickets for the Spectacular will be available for one week only from 10am on Monday 13 July. Standard ticket prices will apply after then.

Early Bird tickets – available for one week only from 10am on Monday 13 July

Adult – $38

Child Under 15 – $20

Concession – $33

General Admission tickets – available from 9am on Monday 20 July

Adult – $44

Concession – $33

Child Under 15 – $22

To purchase tickets visit or phone Ticketek on 132 849.

For more information about the event and program, go to the Spectacular Facebook and website page:






During music class students have many opportunities to explore and develop their singing skills, through musical games, songs and solfa work. The solfa method helps students develop in-tune singing skills, and this method is taught over all year levels to help this skill. Students learn to read notes on the treble staff lines and hear the pitch of each note. In addition to this the older students are revising the pentatonic scale.



Rhythm and metre controls how a piece feels overall. Students discuss different time signatures and what they are used for. The younger students have been looking at different rhythms, fast and slow beats and accents in games and songs. The upper grades have been working on playing rhythms on percussion instruments together in multiple parts, the goal being for the students to listen to one another and work together to produce music.




Partwork is worked on in each music lesson to help develop students musical listening skills. Students work in a number of parts completing different musical activities, such as clapping games, percussion accompaniments, recorder canons and rhythmic canons. We have been working on singing ostinatos and keeping a consistent beat while playing in parts.




Students are learning about musical signs, terms and expressive elements of music in every music lesson. Students are learning about different ways of playing; detached and smooth, different tempos; fast and slow, and different dynamics or volumes in music; soft and loud, that all help to create and portray the character of a piece of music.





Musical games and songs help children to work on their in-tune singing, their rhythmic feel, their musical listening skills and how expressive elements change the feel of music.




During music classes students will be listening to music, investigating, researching and becoming familiar with different musical instruments, how they sound and what they look like. These include percussion, woodwind, brass and stringed instruments. 





musicAs part of the music program all students in year levels 3 - 6 learn recorder and Prep. to Yr. 2 learn the flutophone.  Students in year levels 3 - 6 are also offered a range of musical instruments in our SMART8 program.  Very reasonable fees apply and are payable to the Instrumental Music Teacher at the commencement of each semester. 




Some fun 'music' flavoured activities for you to do :-