Physical Education



Swimming Victoria have implemented a rule change to attire for Regional Swimming events. It applies to the 9/10 and 11 years events

If competitors are not in the correct attire they cannot enter their event.


Please follow this link to read the Regulation - Read more....





At Glen Waverley, we are proud of our diverse and comprehensive physical education and sports program that we provide to all students to help establish positive attitudes and behaviours towards physical activity and healthy lifestyles. Physical activity for students has many benefits including developing their motor skills and hand-eye coordination, promoting academic learning, building self-esteem and developing cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship skills.


We provide weekly Physical Education lessons that are run by specialist teachers to all of our students. Our structured physical education program revolves around the development of student’s fundamental motor skills – running, jumping, dodging, kicking, throwing, catching etc. As students gain control with these skills, they are introduced to numerous sports through modified games. When students reach their final years of primary school education, they begin to participate in full-game simulation and start to develop their tactical understanding and body positioning. Each lesson has an emphasis on participation, persistence, teamwork, sportsmanship and all students experiencing success.


Our school recognises the importance of students being provided with the space and resources to be physical active during recess and lunchtimes as well as during PE lessons. We continue to invest in and develop the facilities available to students. Currently we have a full-size interchangeable basketball/netball court, two additional fixed basketball rings for the older students, two portable and adjustable basketball rings for exclusive use of the younger students, a naturally grassed oval with AFL goals and a synthetic cricket pitch in the middle, two separate cricket nets, a school hall suitable for dance, badminton, volleyball or indoor soccer, bat tennis or handball courts protected by sunshades and three separate adventure playground areas designated for different year levels. Students also have easy access to sports equipment to use during recess and lunchtime with every classroom in the school having their own sports kit.


Apart from the weekly PE lessons, our school provides many extra programs and events to extend on the students’ experiences and skills:


Athletics Day – This whole day event held in Term 1 serves as a great day for all Grade 3-6 students in the school to travel to our local Athletics Club (Waverley Athletics) to participate and compete in 8 different athletic events including High jump, Discus, Triple Jump and Hurdles. Students earn House points for their effort and attitude, while top four finishers are awarded ribbons. Some students then move on to represent our school at the District Athletics Day.


Bike Education – A five week long intensive course taught within the school to the Year 6 students in preparation for their Camp which occurs later in the year. Bike Education teaches students to conduct their own safety checks on their helmets and bikes, understanding of the road rules and of course the necessary skills to control and utilise their bikes in various conditions and environments.


Camps and Outdoor Education – Students in Years 4-6 are given the chance each year to attend a year level camp where they get to experience many outdoor pursuits and physical challenges. The three day Year 4 Camp allows students to try bushwalking and hut building, play mini golf and learn archery, and they also get to challenge their balancing skills and strength through attempting the low ropes course. The four day Year 5 Camp extends the students experiences with nature as they enjoy canoeing, orienteering, archery and an advanced rope courses. The five day Year 6 Camp revolves around bike riding with a different track and challenge faced each day of the Camp. There are also plenty of other physical pursuits enjoyed including hiking, pool, mini golf and table tennis.


Cross Country – During Education Week, all Year 3-6 students in our school participate in an endurance run of between 1km and 2km in distance depending on their age. To prepare for this challenge, students are trained to pace themselves and begin building upon their running distances in their PE lessons leading up to this event. Students participating earn House points and they feel a great sense of achievement once they are able to complete their run.


District Sports trials – Our school strongly supports any students who have a passion and exceptional skills in any chosen sport. We will actively nominate and encourage students to attend District Sports trials to extend their experiences and opportunities. Opportunities to move through the Victorian ranks exist in cricket, basketball, soccer, tennis, AFL, swimming, athletics and cross country.


Extra-curricular opportunities – We have many sports clinics and programs that are run through the different terms by external providers either after school (e.g. tennis, soccer, Auskick, cricket) or at lunchtime (dance). More details about the extra-curricular programs can be found via this link Enrichment/Extra Curricular Programs Tab.


Fitness Challenge – To complement the Cross Country event that is held for the older students, students in Prep to Year 2 get to participate in their very own fitness challenge on the school oval. Here, they assemble into House teams and rotate through various suitable sports and fitness activities. Our younger students also receive plenty of preparatory training leading up to this day as they thrive to complete their own endurance jog of 1 or 2 laps around the school oval.


Hoop Time Basketball program – At Glen Waverley, we run a six week basketball program exclusively for our Year 4 students during lunchtimes. The program caters for all students regardless of their experience, with the focus on developing skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Participating students receive a basketball pack and attend five lunchtime clinics before the program culminates in a day of matches against other schools at a local basketball stadium as part of the Hoop Time Basketball Program. 


Interschool sports and round robin days – Due to the size of our school, our interschool sports and district sports round robin days are made available to all Year 6 students. Students compete in teams and represent our school in the following sports: cricket, tee ball, softball, rounders, danish rounders, soccer, basketball, netball, volleystars, AFL, kickball and soccer rounders.


Lunchtime Sports – One of the innovations we have at our school is our lunchtime sports program. The program runs all year round and involves a teacher supervising and running a specific game or sport at lunchtime for a targeted year level with the assistance of our school captains. The sports are always inclusive and played for fun, allowing students to often try something new in a friendly and supportive environment. Each learning level has their own allocated day in the week where the activities are set up exclusively for them which helps to establish new friendships outside of the classroom.


Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) – PMP is a 30 minute weekly program for our Prep students that are run in our Hall to develop their physical motor skills that provide the foundations necessary for success in their early school years. It is a step-by-step program designed and individualised for the development of Perceptual Knowledge and Judgement. Perceptual knowledge and judgement comes from physical and sensory experiences that are repeated over and over. The perceptions that are formed over time help determine how children react to their environment, to others, and to new ideas. PMP refines student’s perceptual judgements to prepare the brain for learning.  


Sports clinics – Throughout the school year, many professional sporting organisations are engaged to run specific clinics for our students including soccer, basketball, netball, hockey and AFL.


Swimming Program – We coordinate an 8 lesson intensive swimming program for all students, regardless of their swimming experience and ability at our local accredited swimming centre (Just Swimming – Syndal). Here, they receive exclusive use of the swimming pool and professional guidance in developing their swimming competency. Students in Years 3-6 attend their program during Term 1, while the Prep-2 students - in Term 4 of the school year.


Twilight Sports – A whole school and community event held towards the end of Term 1 which acts as a celebration for our school community. Attended by hundreds of students and families, students dress in their House colours and participate in a number of tabloid sports events in a fun, friendly and exciting environment. The focus of the night is on teamwork and trying your best rather than individual success.