Physical Education

At Glen Waverley Primary School, all learners participate in one hour of Physical Education each week with a specialist PE teacher. We aim to develop the learner’s confidence, coordination and physical literacy through a range of individual and group learning tasks. There is a consistent focus on respect and encouraging learners to interact with each other in a positive manner.

In Foundation to Year 2, learners participate in learning tasks and minor games designed to develop their fundamental motor skills (FMS). Throughout the lessons, we also aim to develop their understanding of why Physical Activity is important and how our body reacts to exercise. Learners are encouraged to work cooperatively and use trial and error as well as creating personal improvement goals throughout the year to develop their skills further.

In Years 3-6 the learners are further extending on their development of fundamental motor skills, their ability to work and collaborate with other to prepare (year 3) for team games and sports and extend their knowledge, ability and participation in team games and sports (years 4, 5 and 6).  In these years students begin to associate activity levels with health and fitness to develop positive attitudes to developing life long fitness habits.  Students in these levels also use ICT to analyse skill technique, and additionally using this augmented feedback to provide a “where to next” trajectory.



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