Parenting Assistance & Volunteering

Parent Information Handbook 2022- Download here

The School welcomes interested parents to become involved in School activities.  As well as helping to support the School Curriculum you will find that your child looks forward to, and thoroughly enjoys, your participation.  Some of the activities that you may enjoy becoming involved in are :-


  • Shared reading. 
  • Assisting with computer education.
  • Accompanying School excursions.
  • Assisting with sports activities.
  • Assisting with Perceptual Motor Program (PMP), Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE), Health, Technology and Science.
  • Assissting in the Library. 
  • Joining School Council which consists of elected members of staff and parents who work together in the best interests of the School.  

A current Working With Children check (WWC) is required to work to be a parent helper/volunteer. For further information and how to apply please visit -


Parenting Assistance

As another means of providing assistance, information and support to families, our school has become a member of Parenting Ideas which is run by renowned parenting expert Michael Grose.  The Parenting Ideas web site is: –we strongly encourage all families to access this as required as it contains a wealth of really interesting and valuable information. You may even like to subscribe to the free e-newsletter and also obtain a free copy of Chores and Responsibilities Guide.   Every fortnight we will share one of Michael’s information sheets.  Please access them here :- Chores And Responsibilities   


LITERACY WEEK STORY TELLING - Our students and parents read and told traditional culturally based stories to our students as part of our Literacy Week celebrations.  The children and teachers really enjoyed hearing these stories.  


The ability to read independently and with fluency and expression is a life skill that is vital. However, it is as important for children to experience a wide range of texts from a very young age. This is accomplished by being read to - particularly as children are developing their reading skills. At school, we read to our students every day and it is encourage that the same occur at home. Reading is a fantastic means of the entire family getting together in order to enjoy the wonderful world of books or some valuable 1 on 1 time.   







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