Annual Forms and Permission Slips

Excursions, and other events within the School, occur throughout the year. They are an essential part of the School curriculum in that they provide a valuable learning experience. Parents are notified in advance regarding venues and costs. Individual notices are regularly given to children regarding School and class activities. It is important to check you child's bag on a daily basis for these notices.


2017 School Levies Advice

2017 School Levies Annual Account

An excursion form is sent home at the beginning of each term listing the activities to be attended by your child for that term. A separate permission sheet is attached for each activity and payment may be made as a lump sum.

2017 Term Two Excursions

Prep Trash Puppets Incursion

Y1 Term 2 CERES Excursion

Y2 Hands On Science Incursion

Y3-6 Fun Run and Cross Country

Y4 Science Works Excursion

Y5 Melbourne Zoo Excursion

Y6 Prime Sci Natural Disasters

Y6 Winter Interschool Sports

YP-6 Life Ed Van