Lunchtime Sports

Educational Intent:

Lunchtime sports provides students with a fun way to focus on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. It promotes the potential for lifelong participation in physical activity through the practice of motor skills and movement competence, physical fitness and recreational sport. Engaging in physical activity, games, sport and outdoor recreation contributes to a sense of community and social connectedness. These are vital components of improved wellbeing. Students’ involvement can take many forms, ranging from individual, non-competitive activity through to competitive team games.


Age Group:


Monday – Years 1 & 2

Tuesday – Years 3 & 4

Wednesday – Prep

Thursday – Years 5 & 6






All students are invited to participate in their appropriate age group. Participation is optional, students do not need to commit to weekly attendance.
Or School House Captains assist our teachers in running these sessions. All session times are announced at assembly to let the students know. 



Contact: Glen Parker & Jenna Sparkes (PE Teachers)


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