Michael Grose Positively Parenting Presentation

On Wednesday 24th March 2021, Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas, and one of Australia's leading parenting educators, came in to GWPS to present to staff and families.

Michael Grose, the co-author of the best-selling book, Anxious Kids, How children can turn their anxiety into resilience, presented to the school staff on Wednesday afternoon. Michael focused on anxiety, the differences between anxiety and nervousness and how we can help reduce anxiety in children. Michael discussed a number of tools that we can use to help children and adults alike to manage their anxiety. One is to practice Mindfulness.

A Mindfulness exercise that brings you back into the present was discussed and can easily be implemented at home or in the classroom. Just follow these simple steps.

Stop, sit up straight and take several deep breathes, exhaling slowly before you begin.

1. Now, look around the room and identify 5 things you can see 
2. Listen, what 4 different sounds can you hear
3. What 3 things can you feel on your body
4. Think of 2 things you can be grateful for
5. Name 1 person or thing that you love

This exercise is a coping strategy that can reduce stress and anxiety. When you are concentrating on what is around you, you are less likely to get caught up in your thoughts. The process of connecting with your senses, brings you back into the present, clearing your head and helping you to relax.  

Michael will be returning on the 12th May to run a workshop for parents and families on Parenting Anxious Children.


The Positively Parenting workshop focused on parenting that builds independence in our children. Michael discussed genetics, children’s temperaments, gender and birth order, family values, and how they impact on the way we parent. He led us through his journey with his family and how different approaches are necessary when parenting our children. We learnt how we need to parent our children in different ways and how we can build resilience in our children by the way we approach different situations.  

A big take away for families was the need to have the balance between firmness and warmth, recognising when we need to be firm and hold our stand and when more warmth is required to support our children to develop resilience.

If you missed the workshop, a recording of the video has been made available  for the month of April only. See Below

Michael Grose is a world renowned presenter, in the past he had a regular spot on the Today Show and ABC radio. We are very privileged to have him presenting at our school and we trust that many of you will join us in May for his follow up session on Parenting Anxious Kids, a major concern for many parents at this time.



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