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The SMART8 program is a way of delivering curriculum that will provide enrichment opportunities to all students in Years 3- 6 at Glen Waverley Primary School. This program offers a range of activities that extend the students’ learning and further their knowledge and skills in new or existing areas of interest and passion.


The SMART8 program runs across Years 3 to 6.  The activities are offered for one hour a week for 10 - 12 weeks of each semester.  The activities that are available to the students are based on Howard Gardiner’s eight multiple intelligences, thus the name of the SMART8 program.   Over the 4 years children must participate in at least one activity from 6 of the SMART8 intelligences - Word Smart, Math/Logic Smart, Picture Smart, Body Smart, Music Smart and Nature Smart. We have not included activities for Interpersonal (Group Smart) and Intrapersonal (Self Smart) as these are integrated into many of the activities offered.  The program will:

extend the curriculum offerings for all students in Years 3 - 6

  • provide a range of stimulating and challenging opportunities to respond to students’ different intelligences, learning styles and talents
  • extend students’ knowledge, skills and abilities through additional experiences
  • value and utilise the contributions of others
  • build positive relationships and develop respect


SMART8 is run from 2:30 – 3:30p.m on a Tuesday during the school terms.



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